All Saints’ Church, Renhold, Bedfordshire, England


We are delighted to announce that we are now able to return to holding our services in Church.  We intend to follow our regular pattern of Sunday worship, beginning this Sunday 12th July with an All-age Communion service at 11:00 am and Evensong at 6:00pm.

With the requirement for the church to be Covid-safe; things will have to be different from before the pandemic and lockdown; please read the notes below carefully to help us in keeping you safe.

Before you arrive:

• We can only accommodate 27 people at a service, If we reach capacity, we will have to ask people to use our limited over-flow area in the chapter house, or if this is not possible, then to come back to a another service.

• We ask you to consider the risk to yourself by attending an indoor gathering. While we will be taking a number of steps to keep you safe, we cannot make this risk-free. You might want to look at the NHS guidance on whether you are at higher risk of coronavirus and be guided by their advice:…/…/whos-at-higher-risk-from-coronavirus/

• We ask you not to attend the service if you:

Have any symptoms of COVID 19

Are self isolating

Are shielding or a member of your household is shielding

• Hand sanitiser will be available, but you are welcome to bring your own

• You are welcome to wear a mask/face covering. Please remember that face coverings protect others from your germs – they are not a replacement for good social distancing, hand hygiene, and self-isolating if you have symptoms

When you arrive:

• The doors will open 20 minutes before the service if you need to queue to get in please remain 2 metres a part.

• At the door, there will be a hand sanitiser station for your use, and it is here that we will take some contact details. These will be kept for 3 weeks after the service and given to Track and Trace if someone from the service later tests positive for coronavirus. They will not be used for any other reason and if they are not needed for this purpose, they will be securely disposed of after 3 weeks.

• The “welcomer” will let people into the building in households or bubbles. You will be asked to go immediately to an identified seat in church. The next person, household or bubble can then be let in.

• We ask you to go straight to a seat and remain there for the duration of the service if possible. 

• The South door and Chapter house door will be open to allow some ventilation so you may notice it is a little cooler than you expect.

• Toilet facilities will be available; these will be cleaned after every service but you may use disinfectant wipes to wipe down surfaces if you wish. We ask you to observe the 20 second hand wash procedure; there will be a sanitiser station outside of the toilets for your use.

During the Service:

• An order of service will be on your seat; please take this home with you for disposal after the service.

• Due to risk of aerosol spread, there will be no singing during the service.

• We ask that when you are saying the responses that you speak quietly and prayerfully – again to reduce risk of droplet spread.

• When we share the peace, we cannot move from our places – we will simply make a sign of peace to those in other households.

• The collection – as with other organisations and business we are looking to minimise the handling of cash as this is seen as high risk. If you would like to give regularly by a standing order this would be most welcome but if you would like to continue to give by cash then please place your giving in the static plate which will be positioned near the Priest’s door on the way out. Thank you

• During distribution of communion, only bread will be distributed. Communion will be given whilst standing at the altar rail – please keep a 2 m distance whilst queuing in the North aisle and north side of the chancel and return to your seat via the south side of the chancel and the main aisle.

• If you do not want to receive communion for any reason, that is absolutely fine – please just stay in your seat.

At the end of the service:

• After the priest has processed out, the “Welcomer” will ask people to leave a row at a time. Please wait for the “welcomer” to ask you to leave. Your exit will be via the priest door in the chancel

• Please take any orders of service home with you.

• Please do not stop to chat while leaving the building. Once out of the building you are welcome to talk in small groups of not more than 6 in the churchyard. Please do not block other people’s exit from the building. Please remember to stay 2m apart from people from other households.

• If you test positive for coronavirus up to three weeks after the service, please let us know.

Ian Smith   11.7.2020