All Saints’ Church Renhold Bedfordshire, England

Form 2

(Rule 4.9)

Diocesan Advisory Committee

Notification of Advice

This notification constitutes advice only and does not give you permission to carry out the works or other proposals to which it relates. A faculty must be obtained from the court before the works or proposals may lawfully be carried out.

In the diocese of St Albans

Parish of Renhold

Church of Renhold, All Saints

The church is listed under the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990.

The listing is grade I

At a meeting of the Diocesan Advisory Committee held on 07/07/2022

The following works or other proposals were considered:

The works or proposals should be described in the petition for a faculty and in the public notice in the same way as they are described here.

Re-paving of nave and north aisle central aisles and crossings.

The Committee RECOMMENDS the works or proposals for approval by the court:

SUBJECT TO the following provisos

The Diocesan Archaeological Adviser, David Baker, should be notified about who the archaeological fieldwork contractor will be in advance of the works.

This advice does not constitute authority for carrying out the works or proposals and a faculty is required.

In the opinion of the Committee the work or part of the work proposed is not likely to affect the character of the church as a building of special architectural or historic interest the archaeological importance of the building archaeological remains existing within the church or its curtilage

In the opinion of the Committee rule 9.9 of the Faculty Jurisdiction Rules (publication of notice on diocesan or other publicly accessible website) does not apply to the works or proposals

The following have been consulted on the works or other proposals

Historic England

No objections have been raised by any of them.

This advice is valid for 24 months from the date given below

Signed: Mrs Emma Critchley Date: 12/07/2022

Secretary to the Diocesan Advisory Committee