All Saints’ Church Renhold Bedfordshire, England

Form 1A

(Rules 4.2 and 5.5)

Standard Information (parish churches etc.)

In the diocese of St Albans

Parish of Renhold

Church of Renhold, All Saints

Approximate date of church 1200

Is the church listed? Yes

If so, please state whether it is grade I, II* or II: Grade I

Is the church or churchyard wholly or partly scheduled as an ancient monument? No

Is the church or churchyard in a conservation area? No

If it is, please state which conservation area

Is the church or churchyard in a national park? No

If it is, please state which national park

Is there any evidence that bats use the church or its Curtilage? No

Please give details of any privately owned chapels, aisles or windows

Is there anybody other than the parochial church council who is liable to pay for repairs to the chancel? The Friends of All Saints' Church Renhold will be funding the works

Is the churchyard or burial ground consecrated (whether closed or not)? Yes

Has it been used for burials? Yes

Is it still used for burials? Yes

If the churchyard or burial ground is no longer used

for burials has it been closed by Order in Council? No

If it has, please give the date of the Order

Are there any graves that are identified as war graves by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission? Yes

Please identify any historic structures, listed tombs, war memorials or significant trees in the churchyard or burial ground

Please give the name and address of the architect or surveyor appointed for the church under section 45 of the Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction and Care of Churches Measure 2018:

Mr Michael Dales

Michael Dales Partnership,

95 Sharpenhoe Road,

Streatley, Luton, LU3 3PS

Signed: Mr Alan Bloomfield Date: 09/02/2022

Office or position held: Churchwarden