All Saints’ Church Renhold Bedfordshire, England

Church Floor Works

The source of the problem was previous restoration work to the floor about 20 years ago, when the Victorian tiles and grates were covered in concrete and then carpettiles. Following expert advise we have been advised that the floor needs to be removed and replaced with a breathable alternative. Unfortunately it will not be possible to merely strip back the carpet tiles and concrete to expose the original Victorian floor as these are damaged beyond repair by the concrete. Instead the floor will be reconstructed in lime mortar and York flagstones, both of which are breathable.

In addition to assist access and ease of movement  for those with mobility issues, the step to the chancel and ramps to the main door and chapter house are being replaced with paved “slopes” to the required levels.  The grating down the main aisle which was previously used for heating and visible before the 2003 works is being restored and this will again be open and visible for all to see, albeit in a decorative capacity only.

Whilst the floor is being relayed, we are taking the opportunity to replace the current bulky heater units with more efficient slimline heaters which will help reduce our carbon footprint level and our running costs.

The church is 13th Century and Grade 1 listed which means that specialist contractors, materials and techniques are required to complete this work, making it safe for users now and preserving the church for generations to come; but this comes at a significant cost of around £79,000 plus VAT.

We have been busy arranging fundraising activities and applying for grants from local and church specific sources and to date have secured funding of around £49,000.

We are still fundraising to ensure that we can cover all of the  work we hoped and if you are able to make a donation however big or small, or help with fundraising activities we would be most grateful.

Donations can be made by cash or cheque to All Saints PCC to the address above or by bank transfer to:


Sort Code 60-02-13

Account Number 51882973

We are blessed with the most beautiful and spiritual church and as custodians we have a responsibility to maintain it to pass on to the generations to come. This critical work will enable others s to worship here for generations to come.

Work is under way to repair the Church floor. This work is urgently needed to address the issue of damp trapped beneath the floor. This is currently causing the floor to crumble beneath the carpet, in turn causing the carpet tiles to rise and an obvious danger for everyone walking around the Church. The damp is also rising through the pillars, again causing these to crumble.


We’ve moved in to the Chapter House and the Church is now out of bounds to everyone . The Carpet tiles have been removed and work to remove the cement is underway. The Architect has visited once again now that the floor is fully exposed.


Great progress removing the concrete, but still a way to go. The grate in the main aisle has been lifted to enable the new slabs to be laid.


The painstacking work continues to remove the concrete BUT the first signs of  lime putty being laid in the main aisle


Lots of work this week to start and lay the sub floor of  lime putty, sadly the damp of the Church and the forecast cold weather means it will take a while to dry. Work has begun to renovate the grates which will be put back.

The grates before and after.

Week 7:

All the floor is now covered in lime putty and drying slowly.